About Me

Art supplies? Anything I can get my hands on! I was born and raised in Oakland, California with two wonderful artists (I fondly call them 'my parents'). Their friendship and encouragement has inspired me to keep going and dream big! Other than art? Cal football, baking, decorating, being a speaker, good times with friends... -  I'm now enjoying & living in the great big state of Texas! 

Based out of Irving, Texas, Robin Oas has taken her art all over the world. She specializes in live paintings, set designs, murals, commissions, greeting cards, and sketches. Her unique style is inspired by a unique combination of her California roots, living in a mud hut in Africa, a passion for coffee, the love of her Texas home, and a zest for life. She seeks to inspire and encourage others through her art. 

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.
— Scott Adams


“Creativity takes courage

- Henri Matisse